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Class: IsprintService

IsprintService is the class that produces allows remote access to isprint functionality.

Like all my python cgi scripts, IsprintService has the following structure: the entire cgi is contained in one class, with a main function at the end which serves simply to call the __init__ function of the class. This __init__ function is responsible for calling all other class methods. It is made up of a single try block, with the purpose of reporting all exceptions in well-formatted text to both the user and the administrator. The __init__ function first makes sure the pythonlib can be found. It then calls setScriptState to validate the the cgi arguments, which are simply the arguments for the isprint command.

If any uncaught exception is thrown, its caught by the __init__ try block. If its an MadrigalError, additional information is available. The catch blocks attempt to display the error message on the screen by backing out of of large number of possible tags, which might prevent its display (in any case, the error message will always be available in the page source. The formatted error message is also sent to the email address given in the siteTab.txt metadata file.

This script is not meant to be used directly by a user, and thus is named Service. It is meant to be used by scripting languages such as Matlab that want to call isprint via the web

Input cgi arguments (see isprint command for details):

file: The file to be analyzed by isprint.

parms: Space delimited list of requested parameters.

filters: Space delimited list of filters desired, as in isprint command

header: y for headers, n for no header. Defaults to no header

user_fullname user name - if given, allows logging, but not required

user_email user email - if given, allows logging, but not required

user_affiliation user affiliation - if given, allows logging, but not required

Returns isprint output summary. If error, returns error description.

Change history:

Written by Bill Rideout Nov. 13, 2003

__init__ ( self )

__init__ run the entire IsprintService script. All other functions are private and called by __init__.

Inputs: None

Returns: void

Affects: Ouputs isprint data as a service.

Exceptions: None.

createObjects ( self )

outputReport ( self )

setScriptState ( self )

Table of Contents

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